Cheng Dong
A Coherent City

Design Agency
Sangu Design
Chief Designer
GU Teng
Artistic Installation
Sangu Design

Studio Ten-Tan Xiao
Film Produce
HuaSheng Studio (Xi'an)

Project  address
Qujiang, Xi'an.
Project Category
Urban Public Buildings
Owner of the Property
Management Committee of Qujiang, Xi'an
Xi'an. Qujiang International Conference&Exhibition Investment Holding Co. Ltd
Set in Qujiang New District, Xi'an, China, the project site was originally for a square and urban landscaping. Its interior was a two-story parking lot. Surrounded by urban roads, the square was covered with soil in thelater period, and the surrounding area was mainly office buildings and residential communities.
No. 12 public building is a public renovation project commissioned by designer GU Teng. In the low temperature of winter, the south area of the Third Ring Road is not busy. Surrounded by towering office buildings and residences, the project expresses a distinctive style of modern design. It might accept a mission to awaken its heavy, converging surroundings,and it is quietly growing in a free atmosphere where nature and the space blend with each other.
Compared to common buildings, No.12 public buildingis like a seesaw. Its lower part is transparent on all sides, the roof is half open, and its upper part of the building floats in the air, so it gives people a feeling of falling. When people enter the space, people might be in a wrapped air field because of the blurred relationship between inside and outside spaces.
Bypassing the front interior space, there is a stepped platform extending from the ground floor to the top floor. An open-air platform is on the top of the stepped platform. It could be a leisure place or a viewing deck. What's more interesting is that the intersection with wider dimensions and more latitudes can be occurred here. The platform rationally connects all the broken surrounding spaces before the renovation. From the streets to center park on the west side, and to the underground parking lot, it eliminates itsown sense of architecture and boundary. No matter people enter which field, they can enter unconsciously and leave without any boundaries, thus it can radiate to the farther space of the city.
Due to the abiding philosophy of the designer, the more simple and clean is the building, the more can it reflect in its appearance, shape, material and its symbiotic relationship with the surrounding environment. Unlike the eye-catching architectural style, GU Teng makes another extreme. The risk and visual durability cannot be fully guaranteed, so the strange expression should not be excessively pursued. A more concise expression shouldbe emphasized, that is, people need to know how to do subtraction.
Passing through several similar houses with similar colors, people suddenly enter this space from a lawn and at that moment people seem to travel to another different space. It is comfortable and natural but differentiated, so it can inspire infinite imagination and fun.
The Human Condition by Hannah Arendt says that world is like a table that brings people together and separates people from each other. People yearn to see each other in the city; they call for a new connection which is beyond age, experience, boundaries, it also can transcend personal loneliness and urban barriers. When the architect design and construct from the perspective of the user, they therefore are willing to respect the vitality of the building and rationally make use of the existing rules and conditions to practice the possibility of the local urban lifestyle.
Actually, the vitality of the building needs people to activate it. People come here to relax and enjoy peace and quiet. When people sit by the window, walk on the roof, pass by in a hurry, they how to feel the light of the building, how to feel its temperature, its texture, etc. However, its function is the most vital part. And the building is not a single existence but is a vertical city that integrates different functions of urban life. People live together without disturbing each other. These most everyday pictures are harmoniously presented by a building, and No. 12 public building is the meaningof existence of the community.
Cheng Dong
A Coherent City

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